Jimmy Miller
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Client Testimonials

Don't just take my word for it. Check out what some of my past clients have to say about me. 


Our experience with Jimmy Miller had been excellent. He has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the real estate world. He is friendly, respectful, and honest . He gave us excellent advice when needed and was flexible when needed as well. We are extremely glad that we met and used him to sell our home. We will be using him to buy our next home and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.

The Mitchells


Jimmy was an all-star for us. We had a deadline of October 1st to find, buy, and move into a house and Jimmy made sure it was all taken care of before August 1st! He always responded to our texts/emails within 10 minutes of being sent (even at 10 and 11 o'clock at night). Jimmy adjusted his schedule to accommodate us and our busy work schedules and often dropped what he was doing to meet us. We had a few concerns on the house and Jimmy was quick to contact the builder and get our concerns addressed. Jimmy really solidified himself as "the best" when our builder refused to cut the grass the day before we closed on our home. Jimmy cut the grass and weed-whacked the entire house the day we closed. He gets a 10 out of 10 and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house.



Our experience with Jimmy Miller exceeded our expectations beyond what we thought was possible in the process of selling our home. This was the sale of our first home and we had many questions and concerns. There was never a time when we needed Jimmy’s assistance and he was not readily available.  He provided us with honest feedback and knowledge based on his expertise and experience as a seasoned realtor. He was always readily accessible by phone, email, and even text messages. Jimmy’s insight and experience guided us to make the most informed decision on the appropriate list price and ultimately decide what was the best offer to accept. We were always kept abreast of all changes and what to except throughout the entire process. I can, without any hesitation, assure you that Jimmy’s customer service is unparalleled to that of any other real estate agent in the business. Jimmy’s communication lines remained open to us even after there was the “sold” sign was in the yard. We know that Jimmy is a very busy man, but we can honestly say that we felt as if we were his only clients as he had devoted that much time being readily accessible to us. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to sell or buy real estate as we don’t think there could have been an easier process of selling our house. He is an awesome agent and deserves as much business sent his way as he can handle.



Jimmy did a great job helping guide us through the home buying process. This was our first house and he always took the time to answer our calls and questions, no matter how trivial. We really appreciated his patience and expertise. Thanks Jimmy!



Our home sold very quickly because of his knowledge of the local market, renovation costs, and business contacts in the local market. He responded to questions in a timely manner.



Let me tell you right now, and I’ll make absolutely no bones about it...Jimmy Miller is the most awesome individual when it comes to getting things done, being responsive and being of the best real estate person/agent a Seller or buyer could ask for. We inherited my fathers house when he  passed away and there were numerous things that had to be done in order to prep the house to get to the point that we could sell it. Thank God above that Jimmy was a former contractor and still holds a Class A Contractors License. This helps him get things done. Jimmy is honest, had an extreme sense of urgency and the knowledge, skill and manpower to get things done right and quick, not to mention efficiently. Sure I had to do my part, he can’t do it all. I started working on the house in January getting things cleared out. Once I got everything cleared out Jimmy came in and inexpensively repaired many things that needed to be repaired. If I would’ve had to pay a contractor to do these things or a handyman it would’ve cost me well into thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m not saying that this is a free ride. Depending on how much you need done is the how much it’s going to cost you. I can guarantee you that you won’t get it done cheaper by using other resources unless you’re a builder yourself. There was a fee for Jimmy’s work but it was far below what you might expect to pay. Jimmy pays attention to detail when detail needs to be paid attention to. Jimmy Miller returns your calls and he doesn’t leave you hanging Out to dry on a rotten limb with jagged rock below. He’s not gonna do it all for you but, he’s going to lead you through it and make it as unstressful as possible. I would highly recommend Jimmy on so many levels. There’s not a real estate agent I’ve ever come in contact with that is such a “go to guy”. Jimmy cares about people and he cares about doing things right. I don’t care how many people you know that are in real estate, forget them and get Jimmy Miller to be your real estate agent or suffer the consequences of not having top-notch service. Hey knowing a friend is a great thing but sometimes friends take advantage of that friendship and do as little as possible. It would be a missed opportunity to also say that Jimmy Miller knows how to work with some very cranky people and edgy people. I’ve been duped more than once in my life and the very fact that Jimmy Miller could work with me is amazing. So whatever your personality I can assure you that Jimmy Miller is the guy for you. If you have any questions about that after reading this, you might want to get your head checked. That’s at the end Period!!!! Hire Jimmy Miller to be a real estate agent and represent you and your financial interest. 



I am an out-of town seller of a property in Lynchburg. Jimmy went above and beyond in taking care of necessary items that should have been my responsibly in getting the property ready for sale. He stayed in communication throughout the process including getting the offer accepted and then the  follow-up with closing items.



Jimmy did a great job in helping us find a home. He is extremely dedicated and is always available. I would highly recommend him for any real estate services you need.



Being from another area, Jimmy responded when we inquired about a home on Zillow. He met and exceeded all request we had to view the home and explore alternatives. Being from out of town, he made the negotiation and purchase of our new home as simple as possible and handled the majority of the work  required to get inspections, walk-thru and such done. Upon our first meeting, we felt comfortable with Jimmy and am glad that we trusted our instincts and used him vice shopping around in and unfamiliar town for someone else. We highly recommend Jimmy and his team!



We chose Jimmy to be our real estate agent when we moved here from out of state and we're so glad we did! Jimmy is very knowledgeable about real estate, real estate law, contractors, and this area, which makes him an excellent relocation specialist. Not only that, but he is trustworthy, honest,  fair, and wants the best for his client. Jimmy works tirelessly is always accessible by phone, text, and email. We have already referred him to one friend and will continue to refer him to others. 



Jimmy made the stressful experience of selling a house go so smoothly. His commitment and dedication to us, his clients, made all the difference to us. We are very happy and, thanks to Jimmy, our house sold quickly.



So impressed by Jimmy’s work ethic, honesty, and skill. Jimmy went more than the extra mile for us. We bought a 107 year old Church for our new residence. Jimmy’s expertise saved us thousands of dollars.



When our initial real estate agent went out due to an unexpected medical emergency, Jimmy Miller made sure that we were handled in a very professional manner. He has a no-nonsense approach in negotiation that we found refreshing. He is fair, upfront, and honest while understanding that ultimately, the decisions were ours to make. Call him. You will not be disappointed.



Jimmy Miller made the entire experience of buying and selling a home. He looks out for his customers through every step of the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

R. Hutcherson


Jimmy was referred to me by a friend who sold their home, and I made an appointment with him to go over the process of selling a home. I found him to be very informative, and he also took time in answering questions. He was pleasant and personable.  When we were done I gave him the listing to sell my home. He and the staff cleaned, staged, and the next day sold my home. He then with the help of the staff found a townhouse to rent. I can’t say enough about how Jimmy made this process so easy. I would recommend him to anyone who would want to sell their home. He was great to work with.



Last Spring I started looking for a second home, living 3 ½ hours away I needed a very reliable agent- I found that in Jimmy Miller. When I was ready to see the particular houses that I had chosen, Jimmy scheduled an entire day.  I was very pleased with his professionalism, loyalty and knowledge of all questions I had.  I would highly recommend Jimmy Miller as an agent and I would choose him again if I needed to purchase a home.  Jimmy would always return my calls within a timely manner; even today when I have a problem or need something I can contact him and I will have the help I need. 



We had lived in our home for 27 years. It was the only home we had ever owned. We finally decided it was time to move and wondered how difficult the process would be. I have known Jimmy Miller for years so I knew when I listed it would be with him. I trust him completely. He was easy to deal with and took so much time with me and had a lot of patience with my many questions. He had our house staged to sell and sell it did! In less than 24 hours our house was sold. Not only did he sell our home, he found us a new one just as fast. He knew what we wanted and found the perfect house for us. He represented us with the listing agent of the house we wanted to buy and made that deal smooth for us too. When you list with Jimmy he will put your needs and wants on top of his priority list. He is fair, hard -working and honest. I have referred him to many friends, family and associates. He has done the same for all of them and will for you as well.



I live out of state and had a property in Virginia that needed to be sold for my brother to receive Medicaid assistance. Needless to say, the sale had to meet state Medicaid standards. Jimmy Miller accepted this challenge and followed it until the sale. He kept me informed of all the details and went above and beyond anything I expected. I would recommend Jimmy Miller for any real estate needs you may have. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Thank you Jimmy!



Jimmy helped us to both purchase a home and sell our home in the past 12 months. He was very professional and always returns our calls, texts, and Emails promptly. In the case of selling our home, we owned it for 19 years and did very little updating over the years. Jimmy and his team told us what we needed to do, and actually arranged and oversaw all the work that needed to be done. All we had to do was write the checks! I think I would be hard pressed to find a realtor who would have put the time and effort into making our house properly marketable.


I give Jimmy a 5 out of 5 star rating. This is because this best describes the expertise, professionalism and interpersonal skills of Jimmy. Not only does he exude proficiency in his real estate skills but he also adds a personal touch that brings peace of mind and confidence to his clients. Jimmy Miller, a great Realtor, and all-around great guy! I highly endorse and recommend him.



Mr. Miller was extremely hands on, personable, professional, and ethical while he was assisting me in the home selling and buying process. It was clear from the beginning that Mr. Miller truly cared that I was happy with my next home, and went the extra mile to ensure that I fully understood the process. I would highly recommend Mr. Miller to anyone that appreciates honest and dedicated individuals that have their clients' best interest in mind.



We have bought homes in many communities and several states. Jimmy is by far the superior agent to all. He was knowledgeable about walking us through homes, focusing in on what we were actually looking for in a home and working with us to narrow down that choice. Negotiations with him was a breeze. He handled everything professionally and provided guidance and assistance in making our decisions easy. His networking and ability to pair you with the right individuals after the sale is even more priceless.



Mr. Miller was very professional on the sale of my home. He was never too busy for my phone call and would call me back on the same business day. Mr. Miller and his staff staged my home to catch the eye of a first-time home buyer. I would recommend Jimmy Miller and his company for anyone who is in the market for buying or selling property.



Jimmy was very familiar with the neighborhood of my house and the competition for buyers. Upon listing, he immediately staged the house and conducted several open showings. He really hustled when a qualified buyer showed interest. The time from an offer to closing was less than two weeks. Terrific service.